Sitges Carnival is here!

carnaval de sitges

Sitges is located just a few kilometers away from Barcelona.  It has become a reference gay city in the last decades, as well as one of the most famous gay destinations in the world. It is a lovely beach city with charming narrow streets and beautiful white houses.

Sitges will host from 12th February until the 18th February the Sitges Carnival, one of the most popular carnivals in Spain and it is expected to have more than 300.000 visitors from all over the world!  Fun never ends in Sitges and this week one of the main events of the year is coming!

carnaval de sitges

The Sitges Carnival is an extraordinary event that lasts almost a week, in which Sitges is full of different costumes, happiness and wildness.

We recommend you two of the most important events taking place during Sitges’ Carnival, which are two of its parades (or ruas): La Rua de la Disbauxa on Sunday 15th  February at 20h and La Rua de l’extermini on Tuesday 17th  February at 20h.

carnaval de sitges

The so called Rúas are certainly the most popular events taking place for Stiges’ Carnival, with all the magic of their floats and the people dressing different costumes, they are a magnificent display of creativity, imagination and cheerfulness, with joyful music and good vibes. Everyone joins and everyone has a great experience!

carnaval de sitges

During that time, Sitges attracts so many people at the same time, that some of the streets even collapse. A good piece of advice is to get there with enough time and look for a good location for enjoying the events.

This is the official song for this year, which perfectly suits the occasion:

As in all good carnivals, there are a lot of gays in Sitges’ Carnival that make the best out of the occasion for taking out their short glittery outfits (even if the temperature doesn´t get over 10C) and they join the party with great flirting opportunities. xD

carnaval de sitges

Here you go the program, with the train time tables (there is an amplified offer of night trains), as well as more information about the carnival:

While you are in Sitges you can go to Barcelona and enjoy one of our gay tours to discover one of the pink cities in the world 😉

And remember, as the traditional saying goes Per Carnaval tot s’hi val!, For carnival, everything is possible!