A new LGBT Culture project has borned: Homocultura

 lgbt culture

HOMOCULTURA has been launched! A new platform for the promotion of artists related with gay culture (LGBT)

The cultural contents are a valuable feature within the LGBT community. It has just been seen how the French lesbian magazine Well Well Well, exclusively focused on quality cultural material, has become very successful in France, it has even sympathize with a wide devout heterosexual public. The same phenomenon has occurred with the English magazine Out There Magazine.

A few week ago a very interesting initiative has been lunched that aims to go even further in Spain: Homocultura. Although we might see it in a mook format (a combination of the format of magazines and books for collectionists), Homocultura has been created as a digital platform for promoting artists who are related to the LGBT culture (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals).

lgbt culture

It is a new participative cultural space for everyone, created for promoting artists. According to Jokin Egaña, founder of Homocultura “The idea is to promote new projects, including artists that find difficulties in disseminating their work. We want it to be an opened space for all kinds of artistic expressions: painting, literature, cinema, music, mode, handcrafting, design, photography, tattoos, sculpture… but we are specifically eager to show alternative, contra-cultural or parallel movements or movements that are contrary to the official culture and also related with the gay culture (LGBT)”.

On the other hand, the cultural platform is headed by the people responsible of the EGF and the City magazine, what will allow them to select the most innovating material for the publishing of their magazine.

lgbt culture

“Sociedad”, de Andrea Pérez Sánchez. Argentona Cataluña

According to them, the new online platform aims to include all different activities within and out the net, like homo-cultural meetings, collective homo-expositions, an annual homo-book with the most outstanding artists…

Visit www.homocultura.com and if you are a curious artist expose your work! In Rainbow Barcelona we truly support LGBT Culture and we are going to be working to spread the word 😉

We have found Roy Raz and many more thanks to them, congratulations for the great work!

Here there is a video of this artist: The Lady Is Dead, which combines many ideas and thoughts about contemporary gay life.