What makes Barcelona a Gayfriendly City?

Gayfriendly City

Barcelona is one of the most famous cities within the gay community. But what does this city have that makes it so special? Here we include 5 points that help to explain why this city one of the most favorites within the gay community:

1-. And they lived happily ever after…

Gay marriage is legal in Spain since 2005. That makes it the third country that ever legalized gay marriage, just after the Netherlands (famous for being very opened towards this and other subjects) and Belgium. Therefore gay couples have exactly the same status that straight couples, without mention that it is quite accepted in the Spanish society.

Gayfriendly City

2-. Stop the bullies!

Catalonia, the state of Spain in which Barcelona is located, has passed this year 2014 an anti-homophobia law that aims to defend LGBT rights. Thanks to this law, people physically or morally offending members of the LGBT community could be fined by up to 140.000 euros. This law suppose a step forward on LGBT rights and it’s the first of its type in Spain. So if someone wants to insult you on the street because of your sexual preferences, he or she better think it twice before doing it.

Gayfriendly City

3-. Let’s make new friends!

There are several organizations in Barcelona for those who like to enjoy their free time. There is a LGBT sports organization, an LGBT inter-college student organization, an LGBT organization for immigrants and some other. There are organizations for different ages and activities. One of the most famous LGBT organizations is the Casal Lambda, which takes in charge different activities like the publication of their own magazine or a dancing evening for its members.

Gayfriendly City

4-. I’ll bring the popcorn!

Another positive aspect of Barcelona is its activities. There’s always something going on in the city. Most of the events are organized by the city council… and guess what? Gay cinema festivals or LGBT literature festivals are also organized by the city council as well! So, the LGBT community is really included in the city’s agenda.

And we don’t have to forget Circuit Festival, the biggest Gay Festival in Europe that brings more than 65.000 people to the city every August!

Gayfriendly City

5-. The Gayxample, a whole new world

Last, but not least, what would it be of a gay friendly city without a gay neighborhood? Barcelona is not an exception, it also has a neighborhood in which several gay and lesbian bars, clubs and restaurants are found: the Gayxample. Originally called “Eixample”, the gay life was so present in this neighborhood that it soon adopted the name “Gayxample”. Full of different options, the gayxample is the perfect place to go out for a beer or a naughty party night.

Gayfriendly City

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