LGBT films coming in 2015

LGBT films

There are very interesting LGBT films coming up soon from all over the world, so let’s make some popcorn and go to the closest cinema, for there are very exciting films. They are different genres included on this list, but they all are try to give voice to those who have always be silenced:  the LGBT community. 

In Rainbow Barcelona we tell you which are our favourites ones 😉


This film imitates the traditional British comedies that we are all tired of, but offering something new: this time the whole story is centered in the LGBT community. The premier will be on the 25th December 2014.

The imitation game

The famous British actress Keira Knightley as well as the actor Benedict Cumberbatch are the main characters in this gay themed film. The film is based on the real life of Alan Turing, a mathematician who, after having decoded the Nazi’s codes, ends up imprisoned by the British government instead of being treated as a hero, just for the fact of being a homosexual.

Land of Storms

This Hungarian film aims to show a different perspective of the LGTB community. Setting his film in Eastern Europe, the director aims to defend the gay rights by exposing the situation in this European region.


Last, but not least: Xenia. This film is one of the gay movies that has had more success in prestigious festivals like Cannes Festival or the Toronto Festival. It portraits the trip of two siblings, in which they reinforce their family ties and their respect for each other.