First Law Against Homophobia in Catalunya

From Rainbow Barcelona we propose an alternative date to celebrate our proud: 2nd October!

But… why? Because this is the day in which the Catalan Parliament has passed, for the first time in the history of Spain, a law against homophobia. Gentlemen… it was time to have this kind of law!


So get dressed in your finest clothes and let’s get to the streets and dance until dawn to celebrate that we are (finally!) legally protected. This new law is conceived to guarantee the rights of the LGBT community and to avoid discriminating and violent situations that we could suffer just for being homosexuals.

In order to achieve that our society develops in a tolerant and anti-homophobic environment, the measures proposed by the new law against homophobia are educational measures that start with a pedagogical work in the classrooms with fines for possible homophobic attacks. Miquel Iceta, a representative of the PSC and who has openly acknowledged his homosexuality, has left speechless all people against this new law by saying this simple words: “How dare you to deny a reality of discrimination and suffering?”. Thank you.