Katy Perry was amazing yesterday at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi

Katy Perry Barcelona

Katy Perry started her European tour, “’Prismatic World Tour”, last night. The Californian singer also presented her last album Prism by starting the concert with one of her most important hits “Roar” and, as it was expected, following it with her best hits such as “Teenage Dream”, “Firework” or “I kissed a girl”, among others.

Having only one stop in Spain, more than 12.000 fans came from all over the country to Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi where they were moved by the singer from the very beginning of the show with a spectacular combination of music, lights, fire and outfits, a great show in which her fans had the opportunity to lose their voices singing with her, as well as to be closer than ever to their idol.

Katy Perry Barcelona

After Katy Perry’s amazing show for the Super Bowl, her fans in Barcelona were expecting a great concert. And neither she nor her team disappointed them, with a dynamic and funny show, the Californian singer won a bit more her Spanish fans’ affection.

The show started with a fantastic staging, where Katy Perry came on stage surrounded by a small army of retro-futuristic centurions. Katy used different kinds of outfits that, along with smoke columns, fires, lights, lasers, projections and all kinds of different elements and decorations, helped her to accomplish, for her concert in Barcelona, the intensity that her fans were waiting for.

Katy Perry Barcelona

Katy Perry, who early in the morning had already published in her official twitter account ‘After all the tapas, sangria & Picasso, it’s time to finally kick off the European section of #ThePrismaticWorldTour in…’, showed herself pretty friendly on real life with her fans in Barcelona, by joking with a ‘¿Buenas tardes o buenas noches?’, speaking about her cat with them and showing them some of her videoclips.

Finally, she won a big part of the public’s heart when she invited on stage a young fan to show her how to say in Catalonian ‘Estic feliç d’estar a Barcelona’ (I am happy to be here). The lucky young man almost had a heart attack when he was standing next to Katy. No wonder why, since it’s not always easy to stay calm next to a Pop diva. Such an experience has no price! Bravo!

Thanks Katy for making us roar and good luck with your tour!

We share with you her performance at the Super Bowl, which we are sure you have already seen, but we can’t stop watching.