Homosexual Public Figures in Catalonia

Sometimes it is good to remember that if the LGBT community has the rights that it has nowadays it’s not because it has always been this way, but rather the result of the fight that men and women who came before us and fought for our rights and our visibility within society.

If you are visiting or living in Barcelona and you wonder who are the public figures that nowadays play a role as agents that positively contribute to our community, don´t miss this short article about homosexual public figures in Catalonia. They are men and women, writers, presenters, politicians… that help our community being more accepted in our society.

List of Famous Gay People in Catalonia

Isabel Franc (writer)

This Barcelonan writer is also known as Lola Van Guardia, a pseudonym she used for publishing her trilogy about the lesbian lifestyle in Barcelona. She is also the author of different publications such as “Entre todas las mujeres” (Among all women). She also has other publications that don’t talk exclusively about lesbians, like the comic she wrote about breast cancer “Alicia en un mundo real” (Alice in a real world).

ISABEL FRANC List of Famous Gay People in Catalonia

Toni Cruanyes (Journalist)

Born in Canet, this Catalan journalist works as a newsreader for TV3. He has an impressive career: he has worked not only within Catalonia in the media (El Temps, El Punt or RAC 1) but also at an international level working for the BBC, without forgetting about his contribution within the UN Radio.

As a prove of his contribution to the community, we can find his article “I’m getting married on Saturday”, an article he published defending gay marriage in Spain and that speaks out against the most important conservative party in Spain (PP).

TONI CRUANYES List of Famous Gay People in Catalonia

Miquel Iceta (politician)

This Barcelonan politician is the current secretary of the PSC and he’s currently working as a depute in the Catalan Parliament. How has he contributed to the community? He was one of the first politicians to come out publically, an action that needs a lot of courage if you are a politician.

MIQUEL ICETA List of Famous Gay People in Catalonia

Lídia Pujol (singer-songwriter)

This Barcelonan artist is one of the most known Catalan singers. She has sung songs in Catalan, Spanish, French, English or even Gaelic. She has also interpreted poems by very famous poets like García Lorca and even sung with another very famous Catalan singer (who, by the way, is also included on this list): LLuís Llach. This singer-songwriter is a big icon of the community within the music industry.

LÍDIA PUJOL List of Famous Gay People in Catalonia

Lluís Llach (singer-songwriter)

“Segur que tomba, tomba, tomba”. Who hasn’t ever heard that song? Lluís LLach has not only contributed as an icon of the LGBT community within the music industry, but he has also played an important role as a figure for liberalization with his famous song in Catalan “L’estaca”. This song has been translated in more than 50 languages, a song that was used for the liberalization of the Spanish people during the dictatorship. It was adopted by the Polish labor union Solidarność as its own hymn.

This song became a symbol against the communist oppression in Poland. Although this wasn’t free, since this singer, born in Girona, had to exile himself in Paris.

He is therefore a liberalization symbol not only for the LGBT community, but also for peoples in general.

LLUIS LLACH List of Famous Gay People in Catalonia

Ventura Pons (film-maker)

This Barcelonan film-maker has a long career within the film industry with LGBT films like “Ignasi M” (2013) or “Beloved/Friend” (1998), “Caresses” (1997) or “Forasters” (2008), in which he captures other aspects of the Spanish society and gives another image to the community and brings it closer to our society.

VENTURA PONS List of Famous Gay People in Catalonia

Sandra Barneda (Journalist)

She was the number 24 on the list done by El Mundo as one of the most influential homosexuals (men or women) in Spain. She has worked for Antena 3, Telemadrid, TV3, Catalunya RàdioLa 2Telecinco, el Períodico de Cataluña, Elle and Zero. She has also published a novel called “La tierra de las mujeres” (The women’s land).

She came out of the closet in a very funny and natural way, as she was in a TV program in which she was asked a Miss Universe style question. This fact is a clear example of her contribution to the visibility of the community.

sandra-barneda List of Famous Gay People in Catalonia

Santi Vila (politician)

This historian and politician from Granollers (member of the most voted independentist party in Catalonia: CiU) was the 6th most influential homosexual of Spain in the raking done by El Mundo. He has not only worked as a professor in the University of Girona but he has also been a member of the Catalan Parliament. Therefore, we could say that we have “one of our team” in the CiU, which helps to protect gay rights.

SANTI VILA List of Famous Gay People in Catalonia

 Jaume Collboni (politician)

This Barcelonan lawyer is the president of the social party in Barcelona (PSC). He also contributed to the union UGT of Catalonia and he has been the spokesperson of his party.

JAUME COLLBONI List of Famous Gay People in Catalonia

Jorge Javier Vázquez (TV presenter)

Born in Badalona, this presenter has also appeared on the list by El Mundo as one of the most influential homosexuals in Spain, in the 4th place. He has worked as presenter in Spanish TV programs like Sálvame o Supervivientes.

List of Famous Gay People in Catalonia

For them, important public figures who have decided to step forward, to be honest with themselves we send our congratulations, applause and kisses!