Expogays: Gay Travel Congress in Barcelona


We all already knew the SITC (Salón Internacional del Turismo en Catalunya), but new trends and new technologies -like new tools available for planning the perfect trip- have made it evolve into B-Travel, which focus more on the touristic experiences expected by a new kind of traveler.

It aims to help the visitor to personalize their visit, depending on the emotions they need for their personal trip. It will take place from the 17th to the 19th April at the Fira de Barcelona, in Montjuïc.

Within this new branch, other branches are created. Therefore, the LGBT offers are more numerous day after day, such as hotels, cruisers, tours, trips for singles and trips for couples, among others.

Actually, the LGBT tourism represents nowadays the 10% of the worldwide tourism and more than 15% of the expenses on tourism all around the world.  Thus, for this year, it is possible to discover all gayfriendly offers at BTrave thanks to Expogays.


This event has a precessor called RAGAP. This service portal, created for the LGBT community, has already started this project in Torremolinos (Málaga), where the two first editions were hold in 2010 and 2011.

Expogays includes the most interesting travel options for the LGBT community, as well as the latest traveling options, since its objective is the final client, the travelers themselves.


Why do we recommend you to visit BTravel?

BTravel will gather the best trip proposals classified in five big themes: B-Happy, with welfare trips for those traveling in company; B-Special, for those who look for unique experiences; B-Culture, for those who love arts, history and culture; B-Adventure, alternative proposals for those who love nature, sport and adventure; and B-Delicious, for those interested in culinary arts.

This is a complete offer of personalized experiences that include both national and international destinations, in more than 50 countries all around the world. Camping sites, travel agencies, cruisers and hotels, as well as different companies: rural, gastronomic and sportive agencies all of them focused on the LGBT community.  


What do we think about fragmented tourism?

Rainbow Barcelona wants to be an tour agency that offers more than just simple tours, we rather offer quality experiences in all cities we work in. We also aim to give support to the visibility of the LGBT community so that, in the future, if a gay or lesbian couple wants to visit a hotel in Spain and asks for a double bed they don’t get unfriendly or surprised looks. We want that, if they feel like walking hand in hand, they could do it freely and at ease.

When this day arrives and these facts are completely normal, we will turn ourselves from being the first tour agency for gays and lesbians in Spain, into a tour agency like any other, since there will be no need to have the complicity of an agency that doesn’t care who you are in love with.

That day, hotels won’t need to say they are Gayfriendly either, since everyone will see it normal.

In the meantime, we will continue to give support to LGBT tourism and it will be our pleasure to attend Expogays!