International LGBT Tourism Congress FITUR GAY 2015

Another prove of the presence that the LGBT is taking step by step is the Fitur LGBT… but what is Fitur and what are the advantages of having a LGBT version?

Fitur Gay 2015

Fitur (the International Tourism Trade Fair) is a platform that takes place every year, where enterprises that work within the tourism sector can exchange ideas or commercial bounds. Due to the influence of the LGBT community, after his 31st edition, the Fitur LGBT was born, having the same principle, but focused only on the LGBT sector.

Fitur LGBT initiative was possible thanks to Diversity Consulting, whose principle was the same, but focused on the LGBT market.

Diversity Consulting is one of the largest companies in advising companies who want to enter the LGBT market and a great promoter of events like the IGLTA in Madrid and the Madrid Pride.


Next year, Fitur LGBT is organizing its 5th edition, with a new surprise that will contribute with positive new aspects to the LGBT tourism: SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises) will find it easier to participate in the platform.

Normally, there are few SME´s that can participate in the event due to its high costs. Therefore, this year, Fitur LGBT has taken the decision to help the SME’s out by reducing the cost of their participation in the fair, but without limiting the resources they are offered. This will contribute to their visibility in the fair.


Moreover, this year they will incorporate two news aspects that will be positive for the fair.

On the one hand, they now have their own website, which, contrary to what they had before, is no longer integrated within the general Fitur website but linked to it.


On the other hand, they also have included an enterprise section, so that all LGBT enterprises that participate in the fair can get to know each other better and therefore undertake commercial exchanges.

Rainbow Barcelona this year will in FITUR GAY, and we are very happy to assisst  ;-)


The Gay Tourism moves more than 10% of the volume of tourists worldwide, corresponding to a 15% – 16% of total world spending on travel.

We want to be a company that offers more than tours, we want to offer experiences in those cities we are based and support the LGBT visibility, so in the near future it won’t be weird for a gay couple to ask for a king size bed to any hotel in Spain without a weird look at them.

We support the LGBT Tourism and will attend to FITUR GAY delighted!