Gay Contact Applications Bender and Brenda vanish

Two of the most popular applications for gay and lesbian, Bender and Brenda, will shut down.

Last weekend some users informed having problems for downloading the dating application in their cell phones. Without any kind of previous notification, Bender and Brenda have just vanished from the most popular on-line stores such as App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store, where they are impossible to be found. Moreover, their social networks (like Facebook or Twitter) have also suddenly vanished. Where are they? Is it possible that they have got tired of sporadic dates and therefore they are trying to find love on Tinder?

Keeping the fun in our relationship

DO NOT PANIC! For both applications are still operating and those users who already have them on their mobile phones can still use the apps, at least for now. We say “for now” since it is expected that in the following days (or hours) they will stop working. If this happens, we could definitely say good bye to Bender and Brenda, two of the most important dating apps for gay and lesbians.


Bender  Bender

Nevertheless, more and more contact applications, used for flirting and meeting other people, have being launched in the market day after day, especially those for gay men. Nowadays, we have different applications for gay men, like the famous Grindr, which is considered the most popular application in the gay community, at least, in Europe. We are sure the CEO of Grindr is extremely happy righe now 😉


Bender grindr

There are also other apps like ScruffTinderJack’DMoovz or another app we specially like, called Hornet, an application that is well known among foreigners.

All these applications have their own characteristics, tools and styles, you won’t get bored! And it’s a great opportuniy for us, as you won’t be distracted with your mobile phone when you are in Barcelona and we can enjoy the city with our tours 😉