Au revoir, mon amour!

Today we have a terrible announcement for all those who enjoy diving into chilly salty water or for those who delight their souls relaxing on a warm evening while chatting with their friends about the world´s problems sitting on a terrace and drinking beer. For all of you who like promenades next to the beach or for all those who enjoy looking at the hotties all around Barcelona (apparently it has become a trend to show up your body every time you have the occasion if you are on holidays in Barcelona). For all of you: the summer is over!

Yes, you´ve read it right. According to Spanish National Geographical Institute, the summer finished on September 23th. So let´s put all your shorts and sleeveless t-shirts at the back of your wardrobe “cuz you ain´t use them” ;-(

gay beach barcelona


Actually, we might be hasting by saying such things. After all, isn´t Spain -just like other southern European countries- known as a warm country? Can anyone recall seeing people swimming in January at la Barceloneta beach? Of course you do!

In fact, if we have a look at different guides and websites of Barcelona, we will find out that the medium temperature in the city is 72F in September and 65F in October, which is not that cold either. Actually, it is a very comfortable temperature if you want to play volleyball at the beach or if you want to be sitting out at a terrace. If you are too sensitive to the cold, you only need to bring up a light sweater with you (just in case it gets chilly) for enjoying a good chat under the sunset´s soft lights.

gay beach barcelona


If you don´t know where to go, you can always try La Marbella beach, where sun-tanned tourists who are not as lucky as us here in Spain come to hunt some warmth and sunlight, and where cute locals meet up for a beach volleyball match. You might even have the fortune (or, in some cases, the misfortune) of seeing people at the end of this beach practicing nudism.

Another good thing about La Marbella beach, besides the fact that it is the best gay friendly beach in Barcelona, is that, since it is quite far from the famous Barceloneta beach (where hordes of tourists go every day), its atmosphere is less crowded and both its sand and its water are cleaner.

If, on the other hand, you don´t feel like going away from the crowded areas, you can also try the San Sebastian beach, which is also a gay friendly beach, without saying that the Vela Hotel (for those who like to be spoiled every now and then) is very near from this beach.

gay beach barcelona


We hope you enjoy the last days of warm summer, as well as those warm-chilly days of the beginning of autumn, after all, any excuse is a good excuse to relax on an evening, even though we have to say “au revoir” to our beloved summer, “au revoir mon amour, et à la prochaine”.